A More Cost-Effective Way To Enhance Your Waterfront Property

As part of our commitment to drive sustainability in the industry, Pacific Marine Construction is excited to introduce a new line of floating dock innovations. Manufactured from recycled aquaculture materials, our repurposed dock systems offer the same exceptional aesthetics, stability and natural resistance as concrete docks for a fraction of the price. Tailored to your exact needs, our eco-friendly docks are a wallet-friendly solution that can help you maximize the value of your property and turn your waterfront into the resort-inspired retreat you’ve always wanted.

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Recreational Dock Systems Made Just For You
With an in-house team of designers, dock builders, marine fabrication specialists and engineering partners, our custom floating docks can be modified to any shape and length to fit your needs. We take existing aquaculture system floats and transform them into the dock you want. Standard sizes include 10 m sections and range from 2-3m in width but can be configured to any length to meet your site configurations. We offer a variety of finish options to meet your aesthetic preferences and style, including cedar, pressure-treated wood, concrete, and exposed galvanized grating for those that require light penetration for sensitive environmental habitats.
What Are The Benefits?

Quick turn around. Never worry about the risks presented by material delays. Our float systems are made from 100% recycled materials that are always in stock and ready for shipment.

Completely customizable. You have complete control over the choice of materials, including wood, concrete or steel finishes and accessories such as electrical conduits, lighting, waler boards, tie-up rails, cleats or whatever you desire.

Better stability. Compared to traditional, heavy concrete dock systems, our environmentally-friendly floating dock systems are light and flexible, giving you more options for customization, lower shipping costs, and a fantastic option for recreational lakeside use.

Engineered to last. Depending on the choice of finishes, these dock systems offer a life expectancy of 20-25 years.

Affordability. Depending on the choice of finishes, our custom floats are up to 40-70% cheaper than concrete floats.

Environmentally Friendly. Floatation is achieved using fully encapsulated HDPE billets so there is no risk of having exposed Styrofoam.

Transportable to remote locations. Our easy-to-ship units can be stacked and trucked to their end location, including lakeside properties, helping you save more on tugboat transport costs.

Choose Your Dock Finish

We offer a variety of finish options to meet your aesthetic preferences and style. Choose your finish from the materials featured here.

Composite Decking
FRP Bar Grating
Concrete Skim Coat
Re-Galvanized Metal Grating
ACZQ Pressure Treated Wood
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