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Pacific Marine Construction brings advanced marine structures to life through transformative, cutting-edge designs, environmentally sensitive technologies and a refined approach to construction. With an in-house team of designers, dock builders and marine fabrication specialists, we offer industry-leading solutions that are crafted with precision to provide exceptional functionality, enhanced aesthetics, and natural resilience while existing in harmony with nature.

Our Platform

Our marine contractors manufacture our products off-site on our 170’ X 70’ submergible steel platform, enabling us to custom manufacture concrete docks up to 60 ft wide and 160 ft in length. Our unique air pump system allows us to seamlessly raise and lower our platform, ensuring stability is always maintained when launching and shipping your floating structures to your destination.

In-House Design

With years of experience in dock construction and design, our team has the capabilities to deliver a profitable, expertly crafted marine product that enhances your waterfront property. Starting with a consultation call, we gather your project logistics, including environmental challenges, marine traffic, exposure, wave heights, and your aesthetic preferences. Depending on your needs, a site visit may be required to collect drone footage. Next, our design team collaborates with you to create a conceptual set of drawings that will allow you to visualize your project and fine-tune details before construction, helping you optimize your budget and schedule. From start to finish, you can rely on our in-house team of experts to manage the scope of your project right down to the smallest detail. To ensure our clients receive the personalized attention they deserve, design hours are provided at no additional cost when you purchase a project from us, helping you save your bottom dollar.

Mobile Barge & Crane

Our barge and extended fleet of specialty equipment allow us to service remote and off-the-grid waterways across North America. Our 40-ton P&H lattice boom crane and a 90-ton Liebherr crawler crane allow easy transition of heavy supplies and materials from shore to platform.

Pile Driving

We have years of extensive experience providing pile driving, drilling, extraction, and repair services. Our capabilities include the installation and design of timber, steel, and concrete. We offer services to homeowners, government and commercial organizations and have extensive mobile pile driving equipment to service remote or challenging areas.


From material selection to manufacturing and installation, we offer full-service solutions to create one-of-a-kind concrete docks, float homes, and marine structures that are:

  • Custom designed: All our floats are precisely engineered by certified engineering partners to your exact needs and environmental requirements.
  • Insurable: Quality for insurance coverage.
  • Non-combustible: We do not use wood for connecting. All our floats are concrete built.
  • Stability: All our marine structures contain a unique concrete additive that eliminates cracking and increases tensile strength by 20%.
  • Maintenance-free: Unlike traditional wood floats, our worry-free floats require no maintenance.
  • Environmentally-friendly: We use environmentally sensitive technologies to fully encase our floats, preventing any loss of Styrofoam.
  • Zero rust: Our hot dipped galvanized marine fabrication eliminates all concerns of rust.
  • Slip resistant: Our slip resistant surfaces have natural resistance to corrosion that create safe working and recreational environments.
  • Fully portable: Our barge and vast fleet is fully mobile and can service any location up and down North America’s coast, including remote homes and resorts, off-the-grid marinas, and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Versatile: Our custom concrete docks are fully scalable and can be built to any shape or size.
  • Durable: Built to last a lifetime.
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