Cory Handyside

Cory Handyside started into marine construction in his early teens working for his father. Building their first set of marine floats on the back of a pick up truck the two worked alongside each other for many years. As the business expanded and Cory grew up he decided to branch off on his own and start his own residential construction company. Tragically not long after Cory started his own career his father passed away and the marine construction company he started came to a hault. Cory decided it would be best to put his own business on hold and stepped in to complete the marine projects that were currently underway at the time of his fathers death. Over the next few years Cory and his wife Cindy decided to give everything they had to the family business. They rebranded the company in 2012 and grew their staff from 6 to over 55 full time employees. This expansion included two full time marine construction sites and the acquisition of a welding fabrication shop. Since then, they have diversified to include remote and land-based construction projects from land to sea.

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