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We’re Making Waves: Learn About Our Partnership with Haisea

Have you seen us in the press? Our project in collaboration with Haisea Marine, a partnership between the Haisla Nation and Seaspan, is making headlines.

HaiSea Marine has inaugurated its new floathouse, Zewén. Built by our team at Pacific Marine Construction, this state-of-the-art facility will serve as a home base for its green tug fleet, marking a significant milestone. Designed to guide LNG ships safely in and out of Kitimat, these electric tugboats represent the forefront of environmental innovation, promising a cleaner future for maritime logistics.

Discover how this groundbreaking initiative is setting new standards in marine operations and environmental stewardship. Click through the articles to read more about how Zewén is powering the future of tugboat operations with electric energy.



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